RF, Passive, 30 MHz up to 3 GHz

The RF family consists of nine magnetic field probes and six E-field probes, which are available in sets. These sets are optimized for different measurement tasks.
We are happy to create customized sets upon request.

The RF near field probes are suitable for RF coupling into assemblies or components.(Pay attention to the manual comliance!)The probe heads of the RF family allow the step by step identification of interference sources on an assembly. We recommend initially the detection of interference sources on assemblies by using large sensitive probes from a larger distance. Next, using higher resolution probes, the interference sources can be more precisely detected. With trained use of the near field probes field orientation and field distribution on the electronic assembly can be detected.The near field probes are small and handy. They have a sheath current attenuation and are electrically shielded. They can be connected to a spectrum analyzer or an oscilloscope with a 50 Ω input. They do not have an internal terminating resistance.