Langer EMV-Technik in scientific research

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A Side Journey To Titan
Authors: Victor Lomne and Thomas Roche; NinjaLab


Resistance of the Point randomisation countermeasure for pairings against side-channel attack
Authors: Damien Jauvart, Nadia El Mrabet, Jacques J.A. Fournier und Louis Goubin

Side-Channel Analysis of the TERO PUF
Authors: Lars Tebelmann, Michael Pehl und Vincent Immler


Methodology for EM Fault Injection: Charge-based Fault Model
Authors: Haohao Liao, Catherine Gebotys

"Characterization methods for comprehensive evaluations of shielding materials used in an MRI"
Authors: Gross-Weege Nicolas, Schulz Volkmar

"Characterization of EM faults on ATmega328p"
Author: Beckers A., Balasch J., Gierlichs B., Verbauwhede I., Osuka S., Kinugawa M., Fujimoto D., Hayashi Y.

"Comprehensive Evaluation on an ID-Based"
Authors: Yang Li, Momoka Kasuya and Kazuo Sakiyama

"Cyclostationary Source Separation in the Near Field of Electronic Devices"
Authors: Yury Kuznetsov, Andrey Baev, Michael Haider, Anastasia Gorbunova, Maxim Konovalyuk und Johannes A. Russer

"EM Analysis in the IoT Context: Lessons learned from an attack on thread"
Authors: Daniel Dinu und Ilya Kizhvatov

"Einsatz eines iterativen Nahfeldscanverfahrens zur Ermittlung der Stromverteilung von Leiterplatten anhand eines Multi-Dipol-Modells"
Authors: M. Sc. Robert Nowak und Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Frei

"Practical Evaluation of Protected Residue Number System Scalar Multiplication"
Authors: Louiza Papachristodoulou, Apostolos P. Fournaris, Kostas Papagiannopoulos und Lejla Batina

"Reconstruction of Current Distribution and Termination Impedances of PCB-Traces by Magnetic Near-Field Data and Transmission-Line Theory"
Authors: Robert Nowak, Stephan Frei

"Stochastic electromagnetic field propagation— measurement and modelling"
Authors: Gabriele Gradoni, Johannes Russer, Mohd Hafiz Baharuddin, Michael Haider, Peter Russer, Christopher Smartt, Stephen C. Creagh, Gregor Tanner und David W. P. Thomas

"Preparation of SCA Attacks: Successfully Decapsulating BGA Packages"
Authors: Christian Wittke, Zoya Dyka, Oliver Skibitzki und Peter Langendoerfer

"Upgrading In-Circuit Test of high density PCBAs using electromagnetic measurement and Principal Component Analysis"
Authors: Nabil El Belghiti Alaoui, Alexandre Boyer, Patrick Tounsi, Arnaud Viard


"A Design Method of Metasurface using CCSR"
Authors: Ezanuddin A., Ismail A. H.

"A Directional, Low-Profile Zero-Phase-Shift-Line (ZPSL) Loop Antenna for UHF Near-Field RFID Applications"
Authors: Zeng Y., Qing X., Chen Z.

"Bitstream-based attacks against reconfigurable hardware"
Author: Schwierciscy P.

"Equivalent radiation source of 3D package for electromagnetic characteristics analysis"
Authors: Li J., Wie X., Shu Y.

"Study and modelling of the disturbances produced within the STM32 microcontrollers under pulsed stresses"
Author: Yann Bacher

"First Practical Side-Channel Attack to Defeat Point Randomization in Secure Implementations of Pairing-Based Cryptography"
Authors: Goubin L., Fournier J., Jauvart D.

"Hardware Trojan Detection Through Chip-Free Electromagnetic Side-Channel Statistical Analysis"
Authors: Jiaji He, Yiqiang Zhao, Xiaolong Guo, Yier Jin

"Low Cost Countermeasure at Authentication Protocol Level against Electromagnetic Side Channel Attacks on RFID Tags"
Authors: Yassine Naija, Vincent Beroulle, Mohsen Machhout

"Radiated Electromagnetic-Emission-for-Integrated-Circuit-Authentication"
Authors: Ahmed M., Hely D., Barbot N., Siragusa R., Perret E., Bernier M., Garet F.

"Radical‑pair‑based magnetoreception in birds radio‑frequency experiments and the role of cryptochrome"
Authors: Winklhofer M., Nießner Chr.

"Secure and Efficient RNS Approach for Elliptic Curve Cryptography"
Authors: Papachristodoulou L., Sklavos N., Fournaris A., Batina L.

"Secure and Efficient RNS software implementation for Elliptic Curve Cryptography"
Authors: Papachristodoulou L., Sklavos N., Fournaris A.

"Side channel analysis of cryptographic algorithms implementations"
Author: Bc. Lukáš Mazur

"Study and modelling of the disturbances produced within the STM32 microcontrollers under pulsed stresses"
Author: Yann Bacher

"Towards a robust and efficient EM-based authentication of FPGA against counterfeiting and recycling"
Authors: Ahmed M., Hely D., Barbot N., Siragusa R., Garet, F., Bernier, M., Perret, E.

"Wigner function based propagation of stochastic field emissions from planar electromagnetic sources"
Authors: Gradoni G., Hafiz M., Luk R., Tanner G., Creagh S., Smartt C., Thomas D. W. P.


"Employment of Microwave Absorbers for EMI/RFImitigations from High Speed Digital Buses with Signal Integrity Considerations"
Authors: Mohammad Ali Khorrami, P. Dixon, Todd Steigerwald, Haris Chowdhry

"ECDSA Key Extraction from Mobile Devices via Nonintrusive Physical Side Channels"
Authors: Daniel Genkin, Lev Pachmanov, Itamar Pipman, Eran Tromer, Yuval Yarom

"ESDH Key-Extraction via Low-Bandwith Electromagnetic Attacks on PCs"
Authors: Daniel Genkin, Lev Pachmanov, Itamar Pipman, Eran Tromer

"Additively Homomorphic ring-LWE Masking"
Authors: Oscar Reparaz, Ruan de Clercq, Sujoy Sinha Roy, Frederik Vercauteren und Ingrid Verbauwhede

"Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Leakage Signal Analysis According to Fundamental Operations of Smartphones"
Authors: Young-Jun Lee, Heesun Park, YoungHyoun Kwon, Jaeki Lee, Ji-Eun Choi, Sangwoo Cho

"Electromagnetic Spectrum Analysis Based Hardware Trojan Detection Methodology"
Authors: He J., Zhao Y., Qiang A.

"EM-Based Detection of Hardware Trojans on FPGAs"
Authors: Oliver Söll, Thomas Korak, Michael Muehlberghuber, Michael Hutter

"FPGA-based RF interference reduction techniques for simultaneous PET–MRI"
Authors: Gebhardt P., Wehner J., Weissler B., Botnar R., Marsden PK, Schulz V.

"Hiding Higher-Order Univariate Leakages by Shuffling Polynomial Masking Schemes"
Authors: Sigl G., Bauer T., De Santis F.

"Horizontal DEMA Attack as the Criterion to Select the Best Suitable EM Probe"
Authors: Christian Wittke, Ievgen Kabin, Dan Klann, Zoya Dyka, Anton Datsuk, Peter Langendoerfer

"Modeling of Aperture Fields for Cavities Excited by Stochastic Current Sources"
Authors: Haider M., Stosic B., Baharuddin M., Doncov S., D. W. P. Thomas, Russer P., Russer J.

"Near-Field Measurement Based Prediction of Antenna Test Results Below 30 MHz in CISPR 25 Setups"
Authors: Zongyi Chen, Stephan Frei

"Near-Field Correlation Measurement and Evaluation of Stationary and Cyclostationary Stochastic Electromagnetic Fields"
Authors: Haider M., Baharuddin M., D. Thomas, Russer P., Russer J., Smartt C., Wane S., Bajon D., Baev A., Kuznetsov Y.

"Optimized placement of microwave absorbers on high speed digital channels with SI, EMI and RFI considerations"
Authors: Mohammad Ali Khorrami

"Practical Results of ECC Side Channel Countermeasures on an ARM Cortex M3 Processor"
Authors: Jacek Samotyja, Kersin Lemke-Rust

"Simulační modely pulzních měničů"
Authors: Kopp J.

"Design of Correct Contour/Structure of NFC-Reader-Antenna By FEM Simulation for Automotive Electronics"
Author: Palit A.

"Trust the Wire, They Always Told Me! On Practical Non-Destructive Wire-Tap Attacks Against Ethernet"
Authors: Matthias Schulz, Patrick Klapper, Matthias Hollick, Eerik Tews, Stefan Katzenbeisser


"A Template Attack on Elliptic Curves using Classification methods"
Author: Yeilbek, E.

"Advances in side-channel security"
Author: Amir Moradi

"Authentication Using Side-Channel Information"
Authors: Kazuo Sakiyama, Takanori Machida, Arisa Matsubara, Yungfen Kuai, Yu-ichi Hayashi, Takaaki Mizuki, Noriyuki Miura, Makoto Nagata

"Auxiliary Dipoles to Compensate for the Finite Size of the Planar Scanning Area in Near-to-Far-Field Transformations"
Authors: Vladimir Volski, Sean Yan, Guy A. E. Vandenbosch, Tim Claeys, Davy Pissoort

"Challenges of Time Domain Measurement of Field-Field Correlation for Complex PCBs"
Authors: C. Smartt, D P W Thomas, H. Nasser, M. Baharuddin, G. Gradoni, S. C. Creagh, G. Tanner

"DPA, Bitslicing and Masking at 1 GHz"
Authors: J. Balasch, B. Gierlichs, O. Reparaz, I. Verbauwhede

"Hardware Trojan Detection by Delay and Electromagnetic Measurements"
Authors: X-T. Ngo, I. Exurville, S. Bhasin, J-L. Danger, S. Guilley, Z. Najm, J-B. Rigaud, B. Robisson


"Detecting Hidden Leakages"
Authors: Moradi A., Guilley S., Heuser A.

"Développement De Méthodologies Pour L’extraction Et La Construction De Macromodèles D’immunité Électromagnétique Appliqués Aux Circuits Intégrés"
Author: Ala Ayed

"Evaluación de la Seguridad de Sistemas Embebidos ante Ataques EMA"
Author: Roberto Martínez Bejarano

"Method Taking into Account Process Dispersions to Detect Hardware Trojan Horse by Side-Channel"
Authors: Xuan Thuy Ngo, Zakaria Najm,Shivam Bhasin, Sylvain Guilley, Jean-Luc Danger

"Méthode RFIP Vers Une Meilleure Caractérisation De L’immunité Des Circuits Intégrés"
Authors: A. Ayed, T. Dubois, J-L. Levant, G. Duchamp

"NICV: Normalized Inter-class Variance for Detection of Side-Channel Leakage"
Authors: Xuan Thuy Ngo, Zakaria Najm,Shivam Bhasin, Sylvain Guilley, Jean-Luc Danger

"Physical Security Evaluation of the Bitstream Encryption Mechanism"
Authors: Papachristodoulou L., Papagiannopoulos K., Fournaris A., Batina L.

"Remote IP Protection using Timing Channels"
Authors: Donda A.T, Samotyja J., Lemke-Rust K., C. Paar, P. Samarin

"RF Transmission characteristics in human body"
Authors: Xianming Qing Zhi Ning Chen, Terrence Shie Ping See, Chean Khan Goh, Tat Meng Chiam

"RFIP method: Towards a better characterization of integrated circuits immunity"
Authors: A. Ayed, T.Dubois, J-L. Levant, G.Duchamp

"Sequential Sampling Algorithm for Simultaneous Near-Field Scanning of Amplitude and Phase"
Authors: Tim Claeys, Davy Pissoort, Dirk Deschrijver, Ivo Couckuyt, Tom Dhaene

"2014_Side Channel Attacks on the Yubikey 2 One-Time Password Generator"
Authors: David Oswald, Bastian Richter, Christof Paar

"Side-Channel Leakage Through Static power should we care about in practice?"
Author: Amir Moradi

"SLEAK: A Side-channel Leakage Evaluator and Analysis Kit"
Authors: Walters D., Hagen A., Kedaigle E.

"Test and component makers address ESD, EMI concerns"
Author: Evaluation Engineering


"Accurate Hotspot Localization by Sampling the Near-Field Pattern of Electronic Devices"
Authors: Prashant Singht, Dirk Deschrijver, Davy Pissoort, Tom Dhaene

"Adaptive Classification Algorithm for EMC Compliance Testing of Electronic Devices"
Authors: Prashant Singht, Dirk Deschrijver, Davy Pissoort, Tom Dhaene

"An active MOSFET Rail Clamp Network for Component and System Level Protection"
Authors: Michael Stockinger, Wenzhong Zhang, Kristen Mason, James Feddeler

"Compromising Emanations of LCD TV Sets"
Author: Markus G. Kuhn

"Electrically Large Dual-Loop Antenna for UHF Near-Field RFID Reader"
Authors: Chen Z., Goh C., Qing X., Shi J.

"Implementation Attacks From Theory to Practice"
Author: David Oswald

"Magnetic Microprobe Design for EM Fault Attack"
Authors: R. Omarouayache, J. Raoult, S. Jarrix, L. Chusseau, P. Maurine

"Optimized Sequential Sampling Algorithm for EMI Near-Field Scanning"
Authors: T. Dorné, F. Vanhee, T. Grenson, D. Pissoort, D. Deschrijver, I. Couckuyt, T. Dhaene

"Power Consumption Of Network Technologies In Modern Smartphones"
Author: Jane Oksanen

"Validation of a measurement method for magnetic shielding effectiveness of a wire mesh enclosure with comparison to an analytical model"
Authors: M. Kühn, W. John, R.Weigel

"Wireless Devices and Cryptography About Digital Pickpocketing, Open Sesame and Tracking Paranoia"
Author: Timo Kasper


"Attacking an AES-enabled NFC Tag: Implications from Design to a Real-World Scenario"
Authors: Thomas Korak, Thomas Plos, Michael Hutter

"Direct Power Injection of Microcontrollers in PCB Environments"
Authors: Henderson R., Clarke T., French D., McMasters D.

"Practical implementation of a sequential sampling algorithm for EMI Near-Field Scanning"
Authors: Thomas Korak, Thomas Plos, Michael Hutter, Dirk Deschrijver, Ivo Couckuyt, Tom Dhaene

"Security of Wireless Embedded Devices in the Real World"
Authors: Bram Van der Streeck, Filip Vanhee, Bart Boesman, Davy Pissoort

"Synthesis and characterizations of microwave sintered ferrite powders and their composite films for practical applications"
Authors: S.R. Shannigrahi, K.P. Pramoda, F.A.A. Nugroho


"Breaking Mifare DESFire MF3ICD40: Power Analysis and Templates in the Real World"
Authors: David Oswald, Christof Paar

"Information Leakage Discovery Techniques to Enhance Secure Chip Design"
Authors: Alessandro Barenghi, Gerardo Pelosi, Yannick Teglia

"Side-Channel Analysis of Cryptographic RFIDs with Analog Demodulation"
Authors: Timo Kasper, David Oswald, Chistof Paar


Automated Near-Field Scanning Algorithm for the EMC Analysis of Electronic Devices
Authors: Dirk Deschrijver, Filip Vanhee, Davy Pissoort, Tom Dhaene

Comparing Power and Electromagnetic Analysis of Embedded Devices
Author: Falk Schellenberg

EM Side-Channel Attacks on Commercial Contactless Smartcards Using Low Cost Equipment
Authors: Timo Kasper, David Oswald, Christof Paar


Development of an Integrated Environment for Side-Channel Analysis and Fault-Injection
Author: David Oswald

New Methods for Cost-Effective Side-Channel Attacks on Cryptographic RFIDs
Authors: Kasper T., Oswald D., Paar Chr.

New MR-scanner independent B1 field mapping technique
Authors: V. Brandejsky, O.L. Dahlquist, E. Lund, P. Lundberg


Differential Side Channel Analysis Attacks on FPGA Implementations of ARIA
Authors: Kim C., Schläffer M., Moon S.

MR scanner independent 3D B-field mapping of magnetic resonance spectroscopy RF coils using an automated measurement system
Author: Brandesky V.

On the Power of Power Analysis in the Real World: A Complete Break of the KeeLoq Code Hopping Scheme
Authors: Eisenbarth T., Kasper T., Moradi A., Paar Chr., Mahmoud S., Mohammad T.

Physical Cryptanalysis of KeeLoq Code Hopping Applications
Authors:Eisenbarth T., Kasper T., Moradi A., Paar Chr., Mahmoud S., Mohammad T.

Reduction Du Champ Proche Rayonne Par Un Variateur De Vitesse
Authors: O. Aouine, J. Aime, C. Labarre, F. Costa , J.Roudet, J. Ecrabey, P. Baudesson


EM Emissions Of ICs Implemented In Fpga – Influence Of Floor Plan And Electric Function

Performance Assessment of Printed RFID Reader Antenna
Authors: Ailian Cai, Xianming Qing, Zhi Ning Chen, Boon Keng Lok


Embedded Security Analysis of RFID Devices
Author: Timo Kasper


Design Methods Implicating Electromagnetic Compatibility for Systems in Package
Authors: Gerhard Loipold, Bernd Deutschmann

Near Field Measurements to Predict the Electromagnetic Emission of Integrated Circuits
Authors: Harald Pitsch, Bernd Deutschmann, Gunter Langer


EASYSCAN e confronto misure/simulazione di emissione EM Close Field da PCBs
Authors: Flavio Maggioni, Piero Belforte