DPI method
Advantage of Measurements with Probes from Langer EMV-Technik

During the immunity measurement with the probes of the P500 series (P501, P502, P503), each individual IC pin (e.g. QFP, QFN packages) or even the balls of a BGA can be individually contacted and exposed to RF.
The measurement corresponds to the DPI method according to IEC 62132-4, whereby the networks normally connected at the pin for coupling the RF are included in the respective probe . This allows the frequency range of the measurements to be extended up to 3 GHz.
Furthermore, the probes contain an integrated current and voltage measurement, which enables the optimization of the IC as well as the definition of the application requirements.

What is needed from the Customer?
  • Data sheet of the IC
  • Test circuit diagram (in coordination with test engineer)
  • Test firmware with description (in coordination with test engineer)
  • 5 - 10 ICs with test firmware
What does the Customer get?
  • 10 test PCBs, assembled/unassembled, depending on the number of test ICs
  • Documentation of the measurement results
  • Test report (Test Report - DPI)

The preparation of a quotation depends on the exact measurement task (e.g. number of pins, frequency range) of the customer. Please contact the sales department of Langer EMV-Technik GmbH.