The shielding tent for EMC-test on the developers workplace

The shielding tent is a mobile cabin for measurements on electronic circuits, which stops the influence of external HF fields. 2:03 min

View product: Z23-1 set - Shielding Tent (900 x 500x 400) mm


The shielding tent fits easily on every desk top, is 40 cm high and provides a work surface area of 50 by 90 cm. Enough space for even more complex electronic devices.
The closed cabin achieves a shield attenuation of around 50 dB in the frequency range up to 1 GHz.
This means an interference-free measurement environment when the tent is closed.
We can thus perform emission measurements on the device under test without any expensive EMC absorber chambers, for example.
Alternatively we can protect our sensitive measurement technology when performing an ESD test during immunity investigations.
The shielding tent takes up hardly any room when folded away and can be stored easily. The system comprises the shielding tent, poles and a ground plane.