Mini burst field generators

How-to video about Mini burst field generators of P1 set. Generation of local burst/ESD-equivalent pulse fields with an extreme field intensity. 3:19 min

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Conventional generators and test stations can be used to determine whether a device complies with the standard disturbance immunity values required by law. Weak spots cannot be precisely located on a module. Detailed information about the weak spot's location, susceptibility and type of action (E or B field susceptibility) are required to eliminate them at their place of action on the board in the most straightforward way. The pocket-size mini-burst generators are always at hand. Electronic developers can use them at their workplace at any time to perform tests without any lengthy preparations.

The Mini burst field generators facilitate the development-accompanying analysis of the disturbance immunity of flat modules. The field source of the generator produces ESD/burst-similar pulse-shaped fields, which are limited to a few square millimeters. The MINI burst generators are guided by hand, with their field-producing points (field source) close to the surface of the unit under test (flat module). This makes it possible to precisely influence GND/Vcc- structures, individual tracks, and IC's on the flat module, in order to determine the presence of weak spots by means of function failures.

By means of the adjustable intensity of the disturbance quantity, one can compare the weak spots with one another and evaluate the effectiveness of the EMC-measures. The separation of magnetic disturbance (B-pulser P11, red) and electrical disturbance (E-pulser P21, blue) makes it possible to differentiate between magnetic and electrical weak spots. With the sensitivity tester (P12, yellow) the sensitivity of IC-inputs and tracks can be tested.

B-pulser type P11 - Weak spot tester - produces a limited, radial magnetic field at its tip, for the localization of B-field-sensitive circuit areas.

B-pulser type P12 - Sensitivity tester produces a circular, magnetic field, which allows single tracks or IC-pins to be covered and serves to determine sensitive IC-pins and tracks.

E-pulser type P21 - Weak spot tester - produces a limited, radial electrical field at its tip, for the localization of E-field-sensitive circuit areas.

Regulation testing cannot be carried out with the Mini burst field generators. Measurements at regulation testing sites are necessary for the determination of regulation disturbance immunity values. Experience, however, makes it possible to make estimates In order to achieve the level of disturbance immunity, as defined in regulations, during developmental examinations, it is advisable to make comparative measurements with regulation disturbance quantities on a random basis.

View product: P1 set - Mini burst field generators