ESA1 set - for relative measurements of interference emission at the working place

The ESA1 is suitable for carrying out comparative EMC-measurements of disturbances emitted by modules directly at the developer’s workplace. Since the effect of any EMC measures on the equipment under test becomes evident immediately, the development time and effort can be dramatically reduced. 2:41 min

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In most cases, it is not a component or conductor track of an EUT that directly emits any disturbances but the whole metal system of the EUT is excited through electric or magnetic coupling (i.e. in the near field). This metal system comprises the p.c.b. itself and all connected cables and metal parts such as housings, shielding plates etc. in its immediate vicinity. This metal system in its entirety acts as an antenna and a source of emission. This excitation is an approximate measurement of the disturbances emitted by the EUT. To determine this excitation, the exciting currents that flow, for instance, from a p.c.b. to any connected cables have to be measured.

All measurements are carried out above a conductive base plate to reduce any influences of the measurement set-up, cable positions and local fields. All exciting currents are injected through a short capacitive coupling to the base plate and short-circuited so that you have a small reproducible setup.

View product: ESA1 set - Emission Development System