Langer EMV-Technik. We work for your future. With our EMC consulting services, we offer you our comprehensive knowledge, our experience, and use of our state-of-the-art EMC test stations.

For 20 years Langer EMV-Technik has worked in EMC Suppression
  • We optimize electronics for leading producers worldwide .
  • We provide our customers with understandable and affordable solutions for improving their devices.
  • We work with customers during development at either the PCB- or the IC levels.
  • We develop EMC tools -- practical and timesaving aids for EMC optimization -- for use at the workstation.
  • We measure integrated circuits (ICs ), specifically the line-conducted and field-coupled EMC parameters, for emission and immunity.
  • We measure the EMC parameters of conductors and cables to ascertain its Coupling Inductivity Factor