The functions of the ChipScan-ESA software are valuable to the developer, particularly for spectrum analyzer measurements taken during the development stage. The following functions of ChipScan-ESA software allow the developer to efficiently and quickly compare measurement curves:

  • Any number of measurement curves can be stored, displayed in a diagram, directly compared and saved in a file.
  • Every single measurement curve can be faded in or out and can be colored in different colors (Set manager).
  • Selected measurement curves can be added, subtracted, smoothed, or cut (Icons Set manager).
  • A description of each measurement curve can be included in the protocol.
  • The measurement values can be automatically corrected with the correction curves. Correction curves can be imported into ChipScan-ESA or defined by the user (Tab corrections, Set manager). The correction curves can be displayed in the diagram of the ChipScan-ESA.